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Photographers use their technical expertise, creativity and composition skills to produce and preserve images of people, places, events and objects. These images are captured using digital or film cameras and equipment, and visually tell a story or record an event.


What qualifications do i need?

Watching the world through the lens provides a different perspective through one's eyes and if photography is a passion which you want to pursue, wait no longer as there are many photography courses offered which can help you make your passion into a profession. Shiksha lists the reasons why choosing photography as a career will turn out great for aspirants.

From freelance to reporting, if you want to build a career in photographythere are diverse options nationally which can assist the candidate to learn, grow, develop to understand the ethics of working with the camera. For a candidate who wishes to enter the field of photography and pursue a career behind the lens of a camera, the minimum requirement is a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree.

However, other than theory, it is the practical work that candidates should improve upon as theory in this course is Subjects wanted for photography a manual to the camera. Photography starts as a passion, becomes a hobby and eventually learn and grow along the way. With the booming media industry, it is not the degree but the hours spent behind the camera which makes a great photographer. From getting the technique right to learning the angles, vision and the light, photography is what an image a person sees before capturing the vision.

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During colleges, candidates will be provided with asments which can help the aspirant understand the working of a camera better. From outdoor shooting to indoor, the working of the aperture in a camera, to portrait shots and the list is endless. To pursue a photography career, the first step is taking a photography course. With technology growing rapidly, the working of a camera is also steadily improving. Candidates need to understand the working of a camera, the theoretical and practical part of photography as the course trains candidates in the required skills and techniques.

You can apply for admission in various colleges which offer photography or pursue a diploma course as well. However, if aspirants are new to the camera, the candidate will have to understand the basics first:. Understanding the basics can immensely assist the photographer take balanced and interesting clicks.

There’s many that can show you what they do – there’s few that can teach you how to do it!

After understanding the basics and the working of a camera, candidates are advised to take up internships. This can allow the aspirants to explore the outside world and gain knowledge from professionals in the field. The internship can not only help the aspirant grow, but also meet people who can come handy in the future.

The work is eventually evaluated and can give the candidate an idea on what to work on.

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And if you win competitions, there are great opportunities to work with professionals let alone a certificate and prize. With the work done over the years, the main backup is making a portfolio, blog or website as it displays your work done over the years.

Highlighting subject in photography

The portfolio is your USP unique selling point which can add immense value in the market as the need to professional photographers is rapidly growing. There are certain skills which a candidate needs to perfect, which will eventually develop over time. From the composition of the photography to its USP to what the click represents, a photographer needs to master these skills:. Candidates who wish to pursue a course in photography after 12 th can consider ing any of the below-mentioned photography colleges to fulfil their dream.

Pixel Institute of Photography, New Delhi. While some photographers freelance, some after gaining years of experience run their own studios or work for companies as salaried employees.

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There are different beats in photography career as well as it could be related to news, events, sports, wildlife, cultural events, political and much more. The list is long and the need for professional photographers is in demand at the moment.

What does a photographer do?

As exciting the job sounds, the arduous it can get at the same time. But where's the fun if there is no hard work involved? The field of working behind the lens are improved immensely in the last couple of years as from to just being restricted to traditional media-related work, the expansion in e-commerce, advertising, mass media has created a large demand for professional photographers. Passion in photography can take a person to great heights literally as well.

The field is growing vastly and now it is pictures which speak louder than words. The job requires dedication as photography requires one to invest time, effort and money towards achieving their dream. Here are a list of modernized photography based career options. Sports has always been thrilling and exciting, where many emotions are captured through the eyes of the lens in a matter of seconds. Travel: Love travelling? Whenever you discover someplace new, you do tend to take out your phone or camera to click a picture, so why not make it a career?

Travel the world, explore new places, capture what you see through the eyes. Environment: Nature, wildlife?

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Sounds risky, but the thrills is what keeps a photographer going. To exploring jungles, forests to clicking a variety of shots in any type of weather, nature is simply exquisite. And wildlife on the other hand, that can get your heart racing. Wildlife photography requires intensive training as other than your photography skills, your survival skills are pretty much needed as well.

Product photography: From jewellery to food items, all which comes under advertising and promotion, is known as product photography. For restaurants to make their dishes more appetizing or for a jeweller to make his products more appealing, professional photographers are hired. The range is never-ending.

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Photojournalist: The photographer is on the run in this beat as a photojournalist is at the forefront of news. The range in the media is never-ending as it can go from culture to international issues to sports or events, a photographer in this field need to perseverant.

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Fashion: Fashion photography is all about the gilt and glamour, but its one industry which is quite tough to make it into. From cover shots of top magazines to keeping up with the latest styles to trends on the runway, fashion photographers need to have a reputed portfolio if they want to the fashion industry. To shoots from all around the world like Paris, Milan, New York, photography is all about getting the lighting and angles right.

Science photography: The new beat which has come into play is science photography. To extreme close-ups of cells to ariel photography of a jungle, the need of photography is now in demand in modern science.

Subject in photography

Wedding photography: Weddings are all about emotions and first chances. You may get one shot to capture a moment which may never be repeated again. From a mixture of portraits to culture, wedding photography is the element of getting the best shots that you can. From a couples dance to happiness all round, to the lighting, a photographer needs to be at his best.

Photography as a job profile may sound dreamy, but one point that should be taken into consideration is the cut-throat competition. However, it is the fierce competitiveness which can make you stand out from the rest.

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A career in photography is highly demanding which can take up time. To get the perfect shot, for photographers, it has taken hours, sometimes up to days to get the desired click. Here are some factors which influence salary in photography careers:. The average salary offered on a yearly basis is Rsper annum, which can go upto Rs 1, On a monthly basis in a photography career, an average employed salaries begin at Rs 21KK and the sky is the limit.

Salaries also vary on the deation you are working as or in a particular department such as:.

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Salaries may vary based on the job profile. However, in photography, it is the experience and the portfolio which matters the most. We use cookies to improve your experience. Brett Ellis. Download as PDF. Share this :. Read Full Bio. Comments Post.

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Delhi College of Photography, New Delhi. National Institute of Photography, Mumbai. Light and Life Academy, Ooty. Osmania University, Hyderabad. National Institute of De, Ahmedabad. Asian Academy of Film and TelevisionNoida.

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What is subject matter in photography and how can you use composition to better define subject in your photos?


Watching the world through the lens provides a different perspective through one's eyes and if photography is a passion which you want to pursue, wait no longer as there are many photography courses offered which can help you make your passion into a profession.


All the information you need to take your education to the next level.


A career as a photographer can be an exciting avenue for creative expression, as photographers have the opportunity to work in many settings and meet diverse people.