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  • How old am I:
  • 19
  • My sexual identity:
  • I love gentleman
  • What is my favourite music:
  • Pop
  • Body piercings:
  • None
  • I like tattoo:
  • I have tattoos


You could courageously strike up a conversation with a stranger at your neighborhood bar or you could ask a friend to set you up with one of their friends—but if you're like most people, you probably turn to the online dating apps.


Gay or straight, the laws of online dating have always been balanced.

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Gay men have Grindr. Straight men have Tinder. But what about straight men looking to woo or wingman with other men, you ask?

What’s up, bro: guysexual's honest review of the dating app only for straight, sensible men

Straight, gay or bisexual — Bro is an all-accepting sausage fest, and makes no qualms about it. Sexuality is a continuum and not a binary, and Bro recognises that. Yes, and no.

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There are less faceless torsos, more happy faces of people doing happy things. This is my one grouse with the app; it puts heteronormativity on a pedestal. How do I do as a bro? I download the app with the vigour and hope that I usually reserve for the first day of a clearance sale. After a quick up where it chides me for my stats, preferences and HIV status, Bro does what no other dating app does.

11 best lgbtq+ dating apps no matter what you're looking for

Am I the beefy Jock Bro? A nerdy Brogrammer? A muscular GI Bro? A preppy Bro? Casual Bro? Suited Bro? Once I am set, a grid of hopefuls show up — I am slightly disappointed. I start my second day with a fresh fist bump.

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I do the only sensible thing left to be done. I send a fist bump back at him, in the awkward way I would in middle school.

Straight people are going on grindr to make gay best friends

We both have a laugh over it, ending our abrupt conversation with a crisp LOL from each side. Still reeling from the rebuttal, I open my Bro with no new expectations.

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I switch off, vowing to never come back again. Men have always had it easy. Say hello to Bro, the app that everyone is talking about. It asks me to sort myself.

Romeo | gay dating - chat, meet, love

I choose the casual Bro because no hipster would ever admit to being one. I dive in. Day 2: I start my second day with a fresh fist bump. I wait for 10 minutes.

Friendship between gay men and straight men can be tricksy. in the spirit of pride, tolerance and not behaving like a prick, toby sharpe clears up a thing or two for his hetero pals

I wait for an hour. I wait for a whole day. He never replies, killing my sitcom dreams even before we can shoot a pilot. Day 4: Still reeling from the rebuttal, I open my Bro with no new expectations.

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I go back the next day. Day 5: I get fist bumped by a girl.

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After all, we have countless dating apps that are specifically developed to help us find a romantic partner, but fewer to help us make friends.


It can be difficult for straight men and queer men to be friends.


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