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Sex appeals to just about everyone, and it's no secret that the internet has made it as readily available as the paper towels you order off Amazon. But sex is so much more than the physical act; the buildup, the tension, the obstacles, the emotion—in short, the story—make the difference between cheap erotic thrills and a movie that's a steamy good time. Good news: Amazon has also made movies as easy as ordering those paper towels for anyone with an Amazon Prime. Give these good movies on Amazon a shot the next time you want a tantalizingly horny storyline. Jackson's house. Her character Rae ends up there after her military boyfriend leaves town, which causes her knack for sex and partying to spiral out of control, and let others take advantage of her, until Jackson's blues musician Lazarus comes to her aid.


Sometimes you need just the right movie to spice things up and set the mood.

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They don't call it Netflix and Chill for no reason. With that in mind, we combed through the Netflix catalog so you don't have to in order to find the best hot, steamy, and downright sexy movies on Netflix. OK, so some of these may not be considered conventionally sexy, or maybe they start off hot and heavy before descending into tragedy and trauma, but all of these films confront and explore the spectrum of human sexuality in cinema.

Romantic comedies, erotic thrillers, and prestige dramas Netflix's selection runs the gamut.

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Check out our picks for the sexiest movies on Netflix below. And goodness do they have chemistry, which again, filmmaker Sam Levinson is potently aware of and wisely leans on. It can also be absolutely exhausting. That discovery sends her into the throes of hormonal crisis, spurs her to question authority in a new way, and pushes her towards a reckoning with her own beliefs, rather than those she was taught.

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Madeline Brewer stars as Alice, a camgirl who winds up locked out of her s with her identity stolen by someone… or perhaps some thing… that has the ability to mimic her perfectly — something she realizes when she watches in horror as her doppelganger perform a live show online, helpless to stop it.

Alice is an ambitious entrepreneur, fixated on topping the ranks of the most popular camgirls, which means she takes her shows seriously. Arriving on Netflix in June, the Polish feature originally titled dni is adapted from the first book in a steamy adult romance novel series from author Blanka Lipinska.

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When Massimo spies Laura at a bar while she is vacationing in Sicily for her birthday, he makes the decision to separate Laura and keep her for days to see if she will fall in love with him. Now, look, I know that this plot sounds deeply problematic; it definitely starts that way. As the movie busies itself charming you with the fantasy of this life, it also cleverly crafts the cat-and-mouse game of seduction he and Laura play with one another.

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This, in turn, just makes them a great couple to watch develop. When it comes to the sex scenes, Days gives Pornhub a run for its money with the very visceral, steamy situations Massimo and Laura find themselves in as their relationship progresses. Their BDSM-filled sexcapades the stuff of pure spank bank fantasy, ranging from fooling around in the shower to full-on yacht sex with enough thrusting and hair-pulling to keep your eyes glued to the screen.

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Seriously, cancel any plans you have, watch Days right now, and thank me later. OK, yes, Duck Butter is a very stressful movie, but it's also a very sexy stressful movie. The indie drama stars Alia Shawkat and Laia Costa as a pair of artists who strike up an instant connection and decide to skip the bullshit of dating and jump right into intimacy by spending 24 hours together.

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It starts out pretty grand, all sex and deep conversations, and more sex, but eventually, the cracks start to show and the women learn just how flawed they both are during their heated act of self-exploration. It's essentially, the rise and fall of a romantic relationship contained within 24 hours, with all the eroticism and heartbreak that comes with that.

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So this might not be your best option if you're looking to Netflix and chill, but as far as sexy portrayals of intimacy go, it doesn't get much steamier than the chemistry between Shawkat and Costa. Berlin Syndrome walks a very fine, very sharp line.

It's a horrific, sometimes punishing drama about one woman's captivity and abuse at the hands of an otherwise charming man. But it's also a very effective erotic thriller that hinges on the tremendous chemistry between its le and offers a raw insight into the highs and lows of their romance without exploiting them, and pulling from the undercurrent of erotic tension to further drive the knife home as a terrifying survival story.

She's living the dream. Taking in the sights, falling in love with a new city, and just maybe falling in love with a handsome local man, Andi Max Riemeltwho strikes up a passionate romance with her. But after she goes back to his place for a romantic night, she wakes up to the next morning to realize he's locked her in his apartment on his way to work, and with a slow dawning terror, she understands that he never intends to let her out.

40 tips for how to be sexy

This is how we enter Berlin SyndromeCate Shortland 's taut thriller, which takes us through every step of their courtship and Clare's subsequent imprisonment in a slow burn portrait of psychological terror and the human capacity for survival. Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa star as two souls wandering through the wasteland of dating apps and casual affairs when they match with each other and fall into a passionate romance.

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Newness takes an open and frank approach to sexuality as the pair tries to keep the spark alive, first through their sheer passion for each other, and later, exhibitionism, strippers, threesomes, and testing the waters of an open relationship. The movie gets a little heavy at times as they try to cope with their past heartbreaks and the damage they do to each other on their quest for constant newness, but the film never shies its frank exploration of what makes a sexual relationship satisfying and healthy.

And oh boy, You Get Me is cheesy and yes, pretty sleazy.

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Taylor John Smith stars as Tyler, a high school hotshot who breaks up with his dream girlfriend Halston Sage after he learns she used to be a party girl and sparks up a steamy weekend affair with the mysterious new girl, Holly Bella Thorne. Trouble is, he pretty much immediately decides he wants to get back together with his girlfriend, and Holly does not take the news well, unleashing her inner Alex Forrest in a hurry. Pitched somewhere between a love story and a wild night out comedy, Someone Great is one of Netflix's better recently comedy efforts, centered on a young woman Gina Rodriguezwho he out for one last crazy night with her best friends before leaving town.

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Oh, and she just got dumped by her boyfriend of seven years. The boyfriend in question is played LaKeith Stanfield in peak charming mode, and the chemistry between the two is a knockout, leading to some downright sexy moments between the pair. There's plenty of raunchy comedy to go around in this one, but the dynamic between Rodriguez and Stanfield gives the film its heart and its spark, making it a pretty perfect Netflix and Chill option, as long as you don't focus on all that pesky breakup and heartbreak stuff. Then you should definitely keep looking.

Gillian Jacobs stars as Harper, a young professional who lands her first work trip abroad, but when her best friends tag along for the trip she ditches work to hook up with a hot DJ. Ibiza only works so-so as a rambunctious road comedy, but Jacobs and Madden have a lovely spark and their moments make for easy, breezy romantic watching with a hint of the schmexy stuff.

The 25 sexiest shows streaming on netflix

Want more movie and television recommendations? Check out more of our Netflix lists and other streaming suggestions below:.

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