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It covers in detail how to find friendship, romance, sex, and a relationship with a Thai woman. The majority of foreign men meet only prostitutes and gold diggers.


I chatted with girls from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. And even though I believe that meeting Hong Kong women online is the best, easiest, and most effective way, there are dozens of other ways. This is the perfect place to meet girls from all over Asia. All you have to do is to leave your office on the 26 th floor and understand what dating in Hong Kong is all about…. The city is known as one of the richest, cleanest, and most-educated places in Asia. Some people are struggling and some of those people are cute young girls who have to support their families.

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They have to find a way to make money and because this is the financial hub of Asia, compensated dating is a booming business. The reason why compensated dating is so huge in Hong Kong is because men are trained to seduce with their wallets, credit cards, and job titles instead of their confidence, seduction skills, and charm. To be honest, relying on compensated dating is the dumbest thing you can do. In there were only males for every females. I live in Thailand and even though the reputation of foreigners is changing, it took me some time to convince the mother of my girlfriend that….

The girls in this part of Asia think that foreigners are business-savvy, educated, rich, and hard-working. All you have to do is to not disappoint her. The rich girls go there every week to look for the latest deer clothes. The poor girls go there every week in the hope that they can one day buy the latest deer clothes.

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The Landmark is the most famous shopping mall in Hong Kong. This is the place where the high society girls hang out. And these are the girls who have the hardest time to find a man. This place has more than stores and 50 restaurants and cafes. If you only find one hot Hong Kong girl in each store, you can approach girls. That means that you can go on 70 instant dates in one of the 50 restaurants and cafes.

10 things a man should look for in a woman

Sorry, Harbour City is hard to top. Once you have found the perfect girl in one of the stores, you can take her to the cinema in the mall. These are the two districts that every night owl in this city visits. These are the two districts with the most clubs, bars, and beautiful girls who want to have fun and hook up.

This club is located in the center of the Lan Kwai Fong district.

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Have you ever played Tron? Then you know what I mean. The girls are real and there are many of them. This club has it all. Okay, club is the wrong word.

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The building has a lounge, a dancefloor, a sky bar and a dining restaurant. Meet a girl on the dancefloor and enjoy the romantic view over Hong Kong at the sky bar. The Wan Chai district is famous for its bars, not for its clubs. Do you hate sunlight or do you have crippling insomnia?

Guide to meet thai girls in thailand

Joe Bananas is the perfect place for you. But you need to come before midnight to meet hot Filipina maids who want to relax after work and listen to the Filipino band that plays regularly. Well, it sucks if you have to sit opposite of a landwhale.

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Speed dating events in Hong Kong paint another picture…. Speed dating in Hong Kong is a pleasure. They are here because they want a relationship. Nope, it has nothing to do with prostitution. The Ladies Market is not a place where you can buy ladies.

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I met my girlfriend on one of their international dating sites and I know that you can meet yours on Hong Kong Cupid. The following three dating spots in Hong Kong are perfect because going to a restaurant is so boring….

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Do you want to hold her hand while you are looking over the city? Take her to the Victoria Peak, the highest point of Hong Kong. Go there in the evening and the lights of the skyscrapers give her that romantic tickling in her belly that she needs in order to release bonding hormones. Women love picnics and you will love this park.

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The prices on the islands are cheaper than in the city and relaxing at the beach is way more romantic than staring at skyscrapers. I had no intention to date one of the local girls.

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But it happened. She was Chinese, born and raised in Hong Kong, and the most childish woman I ever met.

Guide to meet thai girls in thailand

The cute Hong Kong girl I met two years ago was really the most childish woman I ever met. I love playful girls. I can only assume that her parents spoilt her, but I know for sure that you have to set boundaries in a relationship with a Hong Kong girl. I was even more shocked when one of my friends told me that this is a harmless case.

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He worked in Hong Kong for two years and according to him, Hong Kong girls treat their boyfriends and husbands worse than any American woman. Are you an Asian man living in Hong Kong? Consider this your wake-up call….

10 things a man should look for in a woman

Stop putting up with this shit. You know that she would never do this with a white man. And no, it has nothing to do with racial preferences, but because she knows that no white man would tolerate such a behavior. Set boundaries. Be a man and earn your respect. Are you a Caucasian man dating in Hong Kong?

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Consider this a warning …. They want a guy with a good job and a fat wallet. These girls are happy when you give them a compliment and a noodle soup. Bar girls only want my money. They look like Hong Kong girls, but they are not.

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Their bodies are Asian. Their minds are Western. This video shows a white guy stealing a Chinese girl from a Chinese dude in Hong Kong. The white guy hugs her, kisses her, and drags her away. This video made it times harder to pick up girls in public in Hong Kong. Dating in Hong Kong is learning to deal with feminine feminists in a patriarchal society.

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As a foreigner who wants to date and marry a Hong Kong girl, you should appreciate their femininity and respect their individuality. It made me sad to hear that. They are surrounded by guys who want to buy them. But they are starving for love and affection.

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You can find them in malls, in clubs, online and at two special places that I reveal in this article. But what do you do once you have found them? Well, you take them on a date. And because restaurants are boring you either take them for a picnic or to an island where everything is less expensive than in the city. Otherwise, you might end up like this poor Chinese dude who gets slapped in the middle of the street video is in the article.

Daunting task, indeed. Receiving higher education and living in an international city mean we are capable of and love to have!

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