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  • Age:
  • 36
  • Ethnic:
  • Mexican
  • Eyes:
  • I’ve got enormous hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • My sex:
  • Girl
  • What is my Zodiac sign:
  • Virgo
  • Figure features:
  • I'm chubby
  • Favourite drink:
  • Cider
  • What is my hobbies:
  • Diving


Have you experienced a break-up, and are wondering what to do next and how to fill your time?


She offers one-on-one life-coaching programs to help clients acknowledge and understand limiting beliefs, to set boundaries and to learn how to change mindsets so they can get what they want in their romantic lives and feel empowered. Ashley helps men and women of all ages, single and married. Closet space? All mine.

Newly single in a new city

Snacks in bed? I do what I want. Go out after work? Why not? You may find yourself wondering if so-and-so is single. How will you meet someone new? Will it be in line at Whole Foods? Love at first sight? A charge.

How to get the dates you really want straight away

The sun shines brighter. You feel alive. So, you hit the ground running. How fun. The flirting. The banter. Not enough nights. It feels real.

Recently single? 11 things to try if you're newly single

As soon as you connect, your brain can fire in every direction. You might even think about a future with someone you barely know. He just laughed. What do I say? Do I look okay?

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Am I looking for a serious relationship? Is this a waste of time? Is there food in my teeth? Would he tell me?

1. stay single for three months.

Would I tell him? What did he just say? After, hundreds of new thoughts may follow: Should I text right after or in the morning or wait longer? What does her text mean? Should I share this song? Is it too soon? Will I ever see her again?

2. take a trip with your best friend.

Wiggling out of what was into what is can be like putting on a new pair of jeans. You got to break it in. Even if a new relationship stretches into weeks or months, the questions racing through your head can continue.

He left me on read for two hours — who is he with?

Newly single how to meet someone

Why did he mention another woman? Are they just friends? Are we even committed? You want it to end.

Or at least know the ending. If the consistent texting, the flirting and the effort become less frequent, you may question your decisions, your worth or the entire connection. It can be difficult to understand when it seemed like the perfect alignment at first or even for a while.

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How could they not want to date you? What is wrong?

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This can repeat itself as you chase one spark that fizzles and then the next. The fun and excitement of possibility may now feel exhausting. You may crave someone to boo up with, someone you know will be available at the end of each day. Less possibility and more certainty. A companion. A relationship. It may not have occurred to you that dating would be a roller coaster ride.

Maybe you thought you were prepared, but now it feels like something has gone wrong. You hate being single. You vent to friends about the dating scene and how hard it is to meet people. You might question whether you can emotionally handle the array of feelings that flood your brain and body. Welcome to dating, my friends. Like any other human experience, dating will feel good 50 percent of the time and the opposite for the rest.

9 easy on-line dating tips for newly single men

I want to propose a slightly different approach to dating again: What if you dated in an effort to get to know more about you? Read that again. You are not the same person that you were in your last relationship or even before. How you dated before will not be the same.

Being newly single is not only a time to meet new people, but also a time for you to get acquainted with who you are now.

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Regardless of how badly you wanted to leave or who made the decision to end the relationship, you deserve to honor it and yourself with a proper closing. Dating is a process that should reveal who you are, what you want and what you want to leave behind rather than what it can reveal about other people or the scene. I encourage you to remain open to all the anxiety and heartache it may bring rather than hide from it.

Watch what thoughts come up in your mind. Observe how they make you feel. How does that influence your behavior? This is how you learn about yourself.

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Then, practice observing your thoughts and feelings before responding. Awareness allows you to put space between the reaction and the action. This approach to dating is so valuable but it takes effort and practice. Mark my words: shift happens. This will allow you to date purposefully and be driven by clear and healthy motives rather than the mess of feelings that come with being newly single and getting back out there.

Be patient with yourself. By Ashley Kelsch. Start typing and press Enter to search. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

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Work on yourself.


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Kyle is the founder of Branding Beard.


The international travel ban means there is no jetting off to Europe to 'find yourself', and partying your sorrows away is, quite literally, illegal.