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  • How old am I:
  • 29
  • My sexual orientation:
  • Man
  • Tone of my iris:
  • I’ve got warm green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • My favourite drink:
  • Beer


A communication expert who tries to help people improve their social skills and make friends anywhere. Read full profile. In this article, I would like to share with you 6 tips that will help you expand your social circles.


Building connections with many people will help you find the right contacts for any situation.

1 – connect with connectors

Yeah, I know of her. If something is on the tip of your tongue, it means that you know it but cannot fully access that memory.

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Complete the sentences using the pictures and the expressions in the box. Some expressions may be used more than once, and the form of some expressions may need to be changed.

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Follow the instructions in parentheses using the expressions in the box. The form of some expressions may need to be changed.

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Your friend Dani just got her dream job. Listen to her talk about the people who helped her get it. Q: Do you know of any famous people who live near you? She attends parties every weekend to expand her social circle. Q: Do you think you need to expand your current social circle? Why or why not?

Stay connected for the latest book news.

Do you know him? Student: You should come with me. Tutor: Do you know Bean Blends?

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Tutor: You know, I think you should meet more people. Why do you like attending conferences? Say that you attend conferences to meet more people. My favorite band is Monday Blues.

Here are six fun ways to celebrate diversity and broaden your friendships as a family.

Have you heard of them? Challenge 1 Your friend Dani just got her dream job. Challenge 2 Discuss your ideas. If Time Allows.

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I can listen to and understand someone talking about social contacts. What keeps some people from expanding their social circle?

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Why do you think some people prefer to keep their social circle small? How has social media changed how people expand their social circle?

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What do you talk about with someone you just met? How important are first impressions when meeting someone new? How can you make a person you just met feel comfortable around you?

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How do you keep track of your contacts ex. What percentage of your contacts do you stay in close contact with? Have you ever gotten something you wanted through a personal connection?

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Moral exclusion seems to be a key contributor to historical atrocities and present and future existential risks.


Now's the time to intentionally expand our social circles.


Posted by Ruth Soukup Better Life 1.


We recently spoke at a forum for the Toronto chapter of Emerging Health Leaders.