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Do you ever look at some of the girls that pop up on your Instagram feed and think to yourself, How is it that they always look so good? It's literally my job to write about fashion and even I find myself in a state of envy over their polished and stylish ensembles on the regular. Hundreds of aspirational saved images later, I started to realize that there is a formula to their dressing success and it has everything to do with the 10 items below. When wanting to get an instant style rebootwe tend to run straight towards all the shiny new trends, but in reality, that's not what is setting these cool girls apart from the crowd—it's their integration of elevated basics that make any outfit of their choosing look instantly better.


passion personals Emmy

Hot and understanding. Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want.

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But which of these beer-swilling, sports-loving, superhumanly accommodating women is the Ultimate Cool Girl? We dove deep to find out.

naughty prostitute Collins

No wonder literally everything with a Y chromosome is gaga for her. Cool Girl bona fides: Hot? He represents her savior, an alternative to her crappy, nasty husband.

sweet females Royalty

Also, her middle name is Charles. She 1 is extremely hot, 2 works in an all-male environment, 3 loves beer, 4 hates healthy food, and 5 proposes skinny dipping. Alicia, for example, insistently maintains discretion and professionalism in her relationship with Will; Tammy shows up at his office, draws his blinds, and unzips.

foxy madam Frida

Angie is a stripper who dates Nick Miller Jake Johnson during season two. She rides a motorcycle. She flashes her boobs willy nilly.

pretty biatch Emerson

She wants to have sex in public places. In a relationship? Not so much.

Searching for the ultimate tv/movie 'cool girl'

Cool Girl bona fides: Androgynously-named PJ loves sports enough to write about them for a living and has primarily male friends, even though to its credit the show also gives her a female bestie. She talks like a bro, walks like a bro, and dates like a bro.

hot girlfriend Coraline

I mean, guys act like that. Though, honestly, the Dracula song is the best. And thanks to a summer spent poring over Seventeenshaving her legs, and… studying Lolita religiously wait, what?!

slutty girlfriend Adriana

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Day + night

Katy Perry. Gone Girl.

foxy mom Sage

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These women, along with many others you spot in the street can rock a cool-girl look any day of the week and instantly inspire you to try a combo of your own.


One one thing all stylish girls do is break all the fashion rules.


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