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  • Age:
  • 60
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  • Italian
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  • Cold hazel eyes
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  • Belly button piercing


I wonder what you are doing now? Are you sleeping on the other side of the world or are you awake in the same city as me? Are you looking for me or waiting for me?


Spring has been sprung for a while now, and the lack of obvious soulmate beside us isn't exactly a great feeling. With all the flowers blossoming around us it feels like it's time for a new beginning; something fun and happy that we can hold on to for the coming seasons, and hopefully the rest of our lives. We love the feeling of a new relationship blooming, and this is the perfect season to start one.

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But how do we find that perfect soulmate who'll both support us and push us to be our best selves? How do we find someone who's irreverently funny while also considerate and respectful? We look to the stars of course! The stars have given us so many answers before, and now's the time to find even more. We've gone through and crafted a series of questions which will help us determine which Looking for my future soulmate is the best, in terms of being our soulmate. We can guess if that mystery man is a Pisces, a Virgo, or even a Capricorn.

While it might not be a flawless system, it certainly gives us an idea of who to look for as the weather and our love lives heat up! Doesn't it all start with the looks? When we're looking for a cutie to fall in love with, it's only natural that we flip through their profile pictures first. While we don't believe that looks are the only thing to base a soulmate connection on, it's not a bad thing to want someone who lights that passionate, physical fire inside of us.

We personally think it's important to think about a hair color, so go ahead and pick one to love! Starbucks is like the new personality quiz. What our go-to order says about us reveals more than 20 Questions sometimes, and almost as much as our social media profile bios. Are we suckers for those sugary drinks? Or do we tend to stick to the dark and bitter choices? Both are good, but both tell us very different things about a person.

We love the way that Starbucks has customizable drinks as well, as it adds a whole new layer to those personality reveals. Okay, we've flipped through more dating app profile pics than grandma's last vacation slideshow. What now? After we've found someone who fits the bill of the look we're interested in, we need to send them a message in order to break the ice.

Pick a cutie's hair color:

It might seem a little nerve-wracking, sure, but a simple hello is all it takes. The biggest stressor? How to say that hello! The way we're most likely to send off that that first greeting reveals quite a bit about us.

— answer 10 questions to discover the location of your future soulmate in 3-minutes

Back on that whole physical attributes thing, this is something that many of us are prone to noticing, whether we're conscious of it or not. Looking into a person's eyes is a soulful look into who they are inside. However, we can also just look from an aesthetic perspective. Sometimes the eye color draws us in towards them out of interest, and sometimes we don't even pay attention to it.

About this quiz

Choose an Looking for my future soulmate color that we tend to notice when flicking through those profile pics. Some people grow up wanting to be actors, writers, and other artists. Some work their whole lives to go into the medical field, or even to be a lawyer. The amount of work out there is bigger than ever, as specializations have crafted more and more niche markets for us to get into. Out of these kinds of work, which is the one that we would be happiest with? A job is a job, but a lifelong profession says a lot about someone. The meet-cute is a phenomenon that's sweeping relationships everywhere.

Most of us have heard of it before as it's a popular piece of slang, but just in case there's anyone out there who's still confused: the 'meet-cute' is defined by Urban Dictionary as being "In film and television, a meet cute is a scene in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time. So, which is the best way to get that meet-cute story? From dinner and drinks to a coffee and a walk, the amount of first date options that are out there is huge.

It doesn't matter how many first dates we go on either. It seems like they feel new every time, even if we're still just grabbing a coffee. Everyone has their own preference of what to do for a first date, and it can reveal quite a bit about the kind of person we'd like to have in our lives. Who doesn't love pizza? We wish that we could make a personality quiz just about pizza, but alas, it doesn't tell us everything about a person's preferences. It can tell us how they tend to fuel themselves, as well as how willing they are to share with others.

Those that suggest getting two pizzas instead of one are, for Looking for my future soulmate, more prone to keeping things to themselves. At least, that's what we've noticed. But who doesn't love to share pizza? It's the most shareable meal! We've chatted with our cutie on the phone, we've established a first date, and now the big night is upon us. If we were to go and meet our soulmate, what would we want to wear for that kind of stressful but kind of fun first date? Is it something more business casual, since we'd be coming from work? Or do we suggest something more fun in order to wear a funkier outfit?

While that's up to the individuals, we think there are a few common date outfits to pick from. And if we've looked at a date night outfit, we need to look at a date night hairstyle as well. Preferably, a hairstyle that complements our outfits as well as our shoes and accessories do.

From the slicked-back ponytail to the loose and wavy curls, there's a variety of hairstyles out there. Just search it on Pinterest to get a huge variety of date night hairstyles. These are some of our favorite ones, which often tend to match a variety of date worthy outfits.

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Who doesn't love to jam out to a fun playlist while we're getting ready for what's sure to be a fun night? Not to mention the fact that it might help us turn those pesky first date nerves into excitement and passion for this new person who may or may not be our soulmate! The only question is which one!

What’s your favorite song out of the following?

Maybe this is a favorite meal and maybe it's a date night meal; regardless of the meal we're thinking of, we tend to have preferences. Sometimes we want to pick something new to try on a date in order to have something to talk about.

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Sometimes we want to pick an old favorite, just so there's something on the date we know that we'll like. Sharing a meal is an important part of any relationship, but the first meal is special. Choose wisely! We've gone on enough dates with this potential soulmate to know that they're in it for the long haul.

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We've had a great meet-cute and we've started spending a whole lot of time together. The natural next step? Choosing a pet name, of course! We know that we have a whole lot of passion for the lovey-dovey stuff.

Pick a starbucks drink:

Not everyone feels that way, but at some point in the relationship a pet name or loving nickname tends to slip out. Which of these does it tend to be? After the first date with someone the pressure seems to drop off a little bit. We start to know a little more about our date and they tend to want to start getting into the more chill adventures rather than the elaborately romantic ones. This means that a whole new area of dating options opens up. All of a sudden we could suggest cooking at home, going for a run, or even the classic Netflix and pizza There's nothing more romantic than cooking together.

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Getting our hands covered in flour, egg, and even sticky dough can be a very passionate experience. Food makes most of us happy, and sharing that food can open up wonderful doors.

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Not to mention the money saving capacities as well.

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