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But perhaps her best known work is the critically-acclaimed Ducks, Newburyport— a stream of consciousness 1, novel that consists of a single sentence—which was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and won the Goldsmiths Prize in Many of these essays have been ly published, most within the last five years, though one is from ; but three are new. Each essay is accompanied by an illustration by artist Diana Hope, which complements the colorful nature of this collection.

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I recently had the opportunity to interview Ellmann via. Our conversation, which offers her trademarked sardonic takes, appears in its entirety below.

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Some of the themes explored in these essays are present in your fiction. What do you like or dislike about writing nonfiction?

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It lacks the depth or range of fiction, and so much of it really seems pretty abysmal: hip, cynically crowd-pleasing, goofy, banal, and repetitive. Are we children? Just give us the facts, man.

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I think the problem is that nonfiction writers envy fiction techniques and what we get are their cack-handed stabs at novelistic scope, shape, pacing, characters, plot, subplot and digression. My essays are also full of good advice, since the only real self-help is self-hatred, and that I can teach. Otherwise, the job is the same as in fiction: to write things the way they ought to be written.

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How did that collaboration come about? She paints beautiful still lifes and landscapes, and her line drawings are tender and clever, with an anarchic edge.

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She stepped up to the plate marvellously. Di is one of those rare artists who can be truly funny. But how many others?

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Humor in the visual arts usually falls flat. Also, the present. History is infinitely malleable for them. Are people across the globe laughing at us the way I imagine they must be? Americans do seem exceptionally delusional these days.

Their weird attitudes to vaccines, climate change, guns and healthcare leave the rest of the world aghast.

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Brexit, based on brazen lies and won by the narrowest margin, destroyed decades of peace, prosperity and cultural exchange, all to appease a bunch of British bigots. Big surprise. But America, with its unwieldy size, wealth and impact, merits a corresponding increase in castigation. FDR was remarkable, but his advances were quickly bulldozed in favor of industrial devastation, racism, misogynistic violence fifty women are shot a weekthe FBI, the CIA, the atom bomb, and a pathological love of bullshit. I generally do stay put, with or without a plague. But, before Covid grounded us, I overheard these guys talking on a train once about all the soccer matches they attended worldwide.

Tourism is almost wholly destructive and exploitative.

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Few travelers busy themselves building bridges between nations — all they want is a tan and a few plastic souvenirs, as boastful proof of peregrination. Political and economic migrants are the only people who should travel.

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The rest of us would do well to buckle down, read books, play music, and attend to our own locales. You propose housework, labor, sex strikes to start to level the playing field with men and women. A friend recommended Three Guineas to me a few years ago.

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But so little has changed since that essay was published, it made me mad. My essay urges women outright to usurp male rule, and I went to town on the footnotes, pursuing tangential rants in all directions.

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Some are splendid, sure — but, on reflection, not enough of them. An awful lot of men just want to sit around terrorizing everybody.

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Men have had every opportunity to make their testostereophonic bombast work — women even fortified them with hearty stews for thousands of years and, latterly, lemon meringue pie! Men sold us down the river, and now they have to pay us back. And neither can Greta.

Lucy Ellmann Americans do seem exceptionally delusional these days. View Comments 0 Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Home About.

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A bomb threat is defined as a threat to detonate an explosive or incendiary device to cause property damage, death, or injuries, whether or not such a device actually exists.


You can book on my behalf, they know me.


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We gave up our liberty and many of us gave up our lives for that struggle, to continue that struggle and to follow the way that was laid before us from , from , from right through to the present day.