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For North Carolinians with addiction, finding a suitable treatment plan is only the beginning of an often lifelong process. A lack of funding can cause a life-or-death setback. From CPublicPress nchealth ncpol northcarolinahealthnews. Today from CPublicPress : Financial barriers to treatment make recovery challenging. Funds from recent pharmaceutical settlements could help. Child health experts are startled by the steady increase of adolescent suicides in North Carolina, with the state experiencing twice the rate of deaths among older children as it did a decade ago.

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Suicide is now the second-leading cause of death of children from age 10 to 17, topped only by motor vehicle deaths, according to the t annual report card on the health of North Carolinren released this week by the advocacy group N. Child and the N. Institute of Medicine, a think tank. The release of the report cards, and focus on suicide as a worrying trend, comes on the heels of a national study published in JAMA Pediatrics this month that found North Carolina has the poorest record in the country in providing mental health services to children with behavioral health diagnoses.

That study found most 72 percent of North Carolinren diagnosed with a behavioral health condition were unable to meet with a d mental health provider within the last year. The lack of mental health provision has been well documented in North Carolina and a continuing challenge, especially in rural areas of the state that suffer from health provider shortages of all types, said Marian Earls, a Greensboro pediatrician who he pediatric practices for Community Care of North Carolina, which has coordinated the care for Medicaid patients for the past two decades.

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With youth, more so than in the general population, suicide is not always a direct result of documented depression or observable mental illness but can occur after a sudden shock or emotional event, Earls said. CCNC has been encouraging practitioners it works with who treat children who use Medicaid to screen for depressive episodes or other mental health issues and then have resources already identified in the community to refer children and their families to.

CCNC has seen the effort to encourage screenings increase, with more than half of pediatricians now screening for depression and other behavioral risks, up from just 12 percent in Earls hopes those screening rates will continue to climb, as more pediatricians school districts, parents and others in supporting struggling adolescents.

Most at risk of suicidal ideation or attempts are students identified as LGBTQ, with a staggering Free teen Enka chat line percent of those adolescents considering harm to themselves, according to the report. Among those identifying as heterosexual, the rates were only 12 percent. The report also pointed out the racial inequities when it comes to household resources. Black and Hispanic children are much more likely to live in low-income households than their white and Asian counterparts. Infant mortality rates continued to be high for black children, with It also puts the fate of black infants in North Carolina on par with infants in Jamaica, Malaysia and Tunisia.

The state is also experiencing a concerning drop in vaccination rates on the schedules recommended by public health officials and pediatrician, Tucker said.

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Fewer than three-quarters of North Carolina toddlers between 19 and 35 months had their full recommended suite of vaccinations completed inaccording to the annual report card. The current vaccination rate of Though North Carolina still tops national rates for vaccinations, the drops are worrisome and pulls North Carolina closer to states in the western part of the country where vaccination rates are lower. Among the favorable rankings was the high of North Carolinren on a health insurance plan, with 95 percent of the smallest Tar Heels enrolled in a some type of insurance program.

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Also encouraging was a drop in the of children with an asthma diagnosis, which is often a of concerning environmental conditions. The state saw a drop of nearly 14 percent from the beginning of the decade to now.

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This is the second in our series of stories about how well North Carolina has done at enacting a law requiring mental health services to be covered on par with physical health. Lots of folks have anecdotes, but we went looking for patients who had actually gone through the process of making an appeal to the N. Department of Insurance, where consumers can ask for help with denied insurance payments.

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Mental Health providers struggle with disparities in the system. Determining disparity in mental health treatment can be difficult.

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Patients can accrue huge bills if they see out-of-network doctors or if their insurance companies deny that they medically required the treatment. Mary R. At 17, her psychiatrist and counselors recommended a year in a long-term residential facility.

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She went to Solstice Easta facility outside Asheville which specializes in treating adolescent girls. He overdosed and drowned because another friend had died, and he was having a really hard time dealing with it. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina only agreed to two months at the facility and said the teenager would then need to switch to less intensive care.

She paid for four more months out of pocket before a new personal line of credit and part of her retirement savings ran out. After attending a residential treatment facility, former substance users may still need help adjusting to a life without substance abuse.

Sober living homes often offer such a supportive space.

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After the six-week program, Leigh C. The facility conducted a drug test each week, those lab bills ended up back in Leigh C. While the cost of an individual drug test is low, laboratories could bill Medicare separately for each drug testedpresumably adding up to the price that Leigh C. Labsurebill PDF. Labsurebill Text. InKaiser Health News reported that labs often bill Medicare much more for urine drug tests. Every patient and parent we spoke to referred to medical records and bills that are inches thick and hours of contentious phone conversations with their insurance companies, trying to get the treatment that they needed approved.

One patient talked about going around the insurance company entirely when it came to obtaining medications.

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Maggie N. At one point her California pharmacy accidentally gave her the generic version of the drug and she broke into anxiety attacks and felt sick within two days. They fixed the mistake and Maggie N. Through these efforts, Blue Cross North Carolina is ensuring that the management and delivery of behavioral health services are on par with physical health. If Blue Cross members feel that a necessary service has been denied, they have rights to appeal decisions as described on our web site.

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If members feel that Blue Cross is in violation of parity laws, they can file with the North Carolina Department of Insurance. A quarter of rural Americans say that drug addiction is the biggest problem their communities face, according to a new poll of rural residents. A lot of that assessment is based on first-hand information.

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About half of rural residents say they personally know someone, like a friend or family member, who has struggled with opioid addiction. Younger adults were even more likely to know someone struggling with addiction. While drug addiction topped the list of community problems, a slightly smaller percentage of rural residents think that economic concerns are the biggest issue in their communities, according to the poll.

When it comes to family matters, however, rural people are more concerned about money and financial problems. Health concerns overall including drug abuse were the second biggest family problem on the open-ended list, at 16 percent of respondents. The findings are part of a public opinion survey of people who live in nonmetropolitan counties. Chan School of Public Health. Aside from being more likely to personally know someone struggling with addiction, younger people ages were also more likely than older respondents aged 50 and up to know someone who struggled with suicide.

On economic matters, however, younger people were more optimistic than their older neighbors. They were more likely to think the of good jobs had increased in the past five years 36 percent vs. Young people were nearly twice as likely to say their personal finances had improved in the past five years 61 percent vs. And they were a bit more likely to be involved in solving problems in their communities 59 percent for young people vs.

Young people were also much more likely than older people to perceive that residents of their communities discriminate against groups like Latinos and Hispanics, recent immigrants, and gays and lesbians. Politically, both conservatives and liberals were more Free teen Enka chat line than the general population to think that they were being discriminated against. More than a third of liberals said they were discriminated against in their rural communities, while only 21 percent of the total population said that was the case. A fifth of conservatives also felt they were discriminated against, while only 15 percent of the general population did.

Rural Americans said they have a lot to love about their nonmetropolitan communities.

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The best thing about living in a rural area had to do with a feeling of closeness to other residents, the perception that people there were good and friendly, and that church and religious communities were important, they said. More than half said they are active in their communities. But a majority also said they would need help from outside their community to make progress. Of the people who thought rural areas need outside help to solve problems, about two thirds say local, state, or federal government should be the source of that help. How t he poll defines rural.

The poll defines rural as nonmetropolitan counties i. Telephone i nterviews both land line and cell were conducted in English and Spanish. The margin of error is plus or minus 3. As students return to school, colleges and universities are looking for ways to support the increasing demand for mental health and counseling services on campus.

Across the nation, there has been a steady increase of high school and college students seeking mental health services, namely for depression and anxiety.

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