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  • 27
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  • Spanish
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  • I’ve got big blue eyes
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  • Fem
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  • Honey-blond
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  • I'm Cancer
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In study after study, scientifically-based and medically-accurate sex education programs have been shown to reduce teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections STIs. But not all programs are created equal.


Emphasizing her point, Yo-Yo--whose real name is Yolanda Whitaker--slowly replaced the smile on her face with an icy glare.

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If you come across as weak, you get cut to ribbons. But even a tough demeanor would not have gained Yo-Yo, or any other woman, acceptance during the early years of the decade-old rap revolution.

Red intersectionality and violence-informed witnessing praxis with indigenous girls

In rap songs, women are portrayed either as sex objects or gold diggers. There seems to be no in-between.

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Lyte--who have demanded the right to the club. If they had seen the market a few years ago, they would have started ing female rappers back then. More important, she said, is the healthy new perspective they bring to the music. It might be deemed degrading, tantamount to consorting with an enemy.

Those women simply chalk up the put-downs to male bluster.

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Lyte, who, along with Queen Latifah, is considered the best of the female rappers. Queen Latifah agreed. But some go way overboard. What if women talked about men like they were dogs, would the males like it? Hell no!

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Though the outspoken Tairrie B, 25, takes some swats at men in her album, most female rappers avoid such attacks, fearing commercial backlash, Charbonnet said. I got to be pretty good--better than the guys. Even Ice Cube saw that.

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He immediately invited Yo-Yo to his studio to do some demos, which he liked. Plus she wrote her own raps--good raps. That impressed me too.

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But she was good enough to make me decide to give it a try working with a girl rapper. Females in black neighborhoods rap too--because everybody else does it. I started writing my own rhymes. I started playing talent shows and parties. Then some people at Tommy Boy Records heard my demo, and I got a record deal.

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She forgoes cussing and dissing, but does her share of boasting. A rapper for six years, year-old M. Lyte, a poised, confident young woman from Brooklyn, has been a professional for only three years.

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I started writing rhymes in high school. They were good enough to inspire me to follow through with rap.

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First I copied people, but that was all wrong. I was afraid to be myself, to sound white.

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But finally I had to be myself or the raps would sound fake. Known for her aggressive boasting and raunchy raps, she rumbled out of the New York underground in early Roxanne was underground, she had the respect of the rap community--probably the first woman rapper who did.

There are now more than a dozen female rappers who have contracts with major labels, including reggae rapper Shelly Thunder, Oaktown and Ms. The trend is toward tougher and more aggressive raps than those of early female rap successes J. Lyte also swears more than the other women. But I do have this tough attitude.

Love adventure in crenshaw mississippi-hot red head-muslim dating

Spinderella has a softer approach. Can women rappers do a lot of swearing and be accepted? Not too many women swear like the males do. Co-produced and co-written by Ice Cube, it offers uncompromising put-downs of men and some X-rated language. All Sections.


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