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  • 22
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  • Mexican
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  • My body features is overweight
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  • Jazz
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  • Fishing


Since ACS started init has actively promoted boys to dance. With Mark taking separated boys classes, there has always been a role model for younger boys to emulate and the proportion of our boys who not only carry on dancing through their teenage years, but also go on into performing, competing and teaching careers is very high. Whether boys wish to learn ballroom, latin, jazz, tap, modern, ballet or drama and singing musical theatreACS specialises in Boys dance and it is great for our boys to feel they are not the only one in a school full of just girls they are not alone. This benefits them and also benefits our female students too, who always have the option of dance partners from within the school for shows and competitions.


Surprisingly, Len Goodman is the judge who enjoys the routine — complete with line dancing — the most: He thought it was full of fun and energy. Apparently, the dude is a sucker for a good hoe-down. You guys! This understated team is tugging at my heartstrings. All of the rave reviews lead the couple to their first perfect score. Keo celebrates by planting a wet one on our head judge.

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Will this happen every time? Fingers crossed! The cowboy swagger comes through!

Country two step

More than that, Cheryl gives her partner some excellent choreography that really fuses the Charleston with country. Carrie Ann is at a loss for how to even critique Juan Pablo anymore, Bruno is impressed he could stay on beat with such a tough song, and Len applauds Cheryl for putting together a routine that perfectly marries the dance style with the musical genre. Okay, who else wants to dance in the back of pick-up truck now?

He is not. It was fun while it lasted!

Which classes

Even with that difference, Milo and Witney nail this routine. For the finals? We deserve it. He grew up in Alabama and spent several summers of his life working on a chicken farm. He needs to take control.

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You guys: He does. The judges comment on how wonderful it is to watch him dance — for such a big guy he moves so softly, which is perfect for this style. Len wants DeMarcus to focus on his footwork, but Bruno praises the partner work, which was the main goal anyway. Footwork is for the birds! Just kidding, footwork is everything. The excellent samba dancing? Yes, totally here for that.

Len is a huge fan: There was enough great and classic samba in there for him to declare it his favorite of the night. Bruno commends the two for getting the dreaded samba bounce down perfectly. Sorry not sorry, I had to. He and Sharna were disappointed with their Halloween Night scores, but are leaving those feelings in the past.

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The lights! The fog! The Chris Janson! Len is getting kisses all over the place.

Glossary of partner dance terms

I told you this was romantic! What more is there to say about this? What a hoot! Len loves the whole thing but is withholding with his score.

Thankfully Carrie Ann and Bruno are fully on board with TeamHayNow, loved that everyone had a chance to shine, and score it appropriately. But also, never forget the cows. I guess. Although overall the judges dock some points from everyone for being too chaotic.

Has anyone else been dreading this double elimination?

When your non-dancing spouse doesn’t support your dance life

You just know some undeserving people are going to be cast aside. DeMarcus and Lindsay. And so I begin the night as I started it — crying.

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Dancing WIth The Stars. Dancing with the stars.

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This is a list of dance terms that are not names of dances or types of dances.


Danced with a partner, this dance is characterized by turns and improvisations and is typically danced to country music.