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The exit of Jim Yong Kim offers a chance to put the Bretton Woods institutions in the service of the many, not the few. T he president of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, will step down on 1 February — three and a half years before the end of his term — in search of greener pastures. His readiness to re from the leadership of one the two most powerful international financial institutions is a worrying omen. But it is also an important wake-up call. The World Bank and the IMF are the last remaining columns of the Bretton Woods edifice under which capitalism experienced its golden age in the s and s.

But like every crisis of the Trump era, this sordid affair is an excellent opportunity to mobilize around an entirely new vision for the Bretton Woods institutions — to push for radical reforms that would put the resources of the World Bank and the IMF in the service of the many, rather than lubricating the wheels of global finance in the interest of the very few.

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Such a progressive vision would bring the Bretton Woods system much closer to the lofty intentions of its framers. The original Bretton Woods plan was for exchange rates to be fixed, with the IMF helping heavily indebted countries restructure their debt and a stabilization fund curbing capital flight.

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Finally, the whole system would be dollar-denominated, with the greenback being the only currency exchangeable for gold at a fixed rate. John Maynard Keynes, the chief British negotiator at Bretton Woods, was worried that the new system could only rely on the dollar as long as America had a trade surplus.

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The moment the United States became a deficit country, the system would collapse. So, Keynes suggested that instead of building the new world order on the dollar, all major economies would subscribe to a multilateral International Clearing Union ICU. While keeping their own currencies, and central banks, countries would agree to denominate all international payments in a common ing unit, which Keynes named the bancor, and to clear all international payments through the ICU. Once set up, the ICU would tax persistent surpluses and deficits symmetrically so as to balance out capital flows, volatility, global aggregate demand and productivity.

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Had it been instituted, the ICU would have worked alongside the World Bank to keep the global economy in balance and build shared prosperity worldwide. The United States was unwilling to replace the dollar as the anchor of the new monetary system. Following large US trade deficits, then president Richard Nixon announced on 15 August the effective end of the Bretton Woods system — just as Keynes had predicted.

Immediately, the private banks, which the Bretton Woods system had been keeping under a lid, sprang up and the world was taken over by financialization. Rather than supporting governments and prosperity, the World Bank and the IMF led the so-called Washington consensus: an orchestrated campaign of mass privatization, austerity and financial deregulation. Jim Yong Kim was once a fierce critic of the Washington consensus.

From this perspective, it makes perfect sense that Mr Kim reed early to take up a post at … a private equity firm. The world today needs, as much as it did ina massive international investment program.

Explaining gender violence in the neoliberal era see below.

Back then, humanity needed reconstruction after a lethal world war. Where will the money come from? Surely not from the stressed budgets of our states. New development banks are growing in size and in scope, filling the space that the World Bank has long since abandoned. Now is the time to mobilize — to push a new crop of progressive leaders to start thinking internationally, taking their enthusiasm for the Green New Deal to the global level.

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If we do not act quickly — demanding a radical change of direction — the World Bank will likely fade into irrelevance. Or worse: it will become a plaything for the Trump family and its associates, making the world into their great golf course.

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Yanis Varoufakis is the co-founder of DiEM He is also the former finance minister of Greece. Opinion World Bank. This article is more than 2 years old. David Adler and Yanis Varoufakis.

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Now is the time to mobilize. Thu 31 Jan . Reuse this content.

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