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Yet for women and people with vaginas, experiencing pain during sex is an unnervingly common experience. There are many causes of painful sex, some of which are temporary and others that are chronic. Some are physical, some are psychological, and others have no known cause.

Some of the most common include vaginismus when the vaginal wall muscles involuntarily spasm in response to penetration attemptsvulvodynia chronic pain around the vulva, often without any discernible causevaginal atrophy the thinning of the vaginal walls that many experience from menopauseendometriosis when lining from the uterus is growing in places outside the uteruschildbirth injuries, vaginal infections like yeast and bacterial vaginosis, and psychological distress like anxiety, depression, sexual trauma, or relationship instability.

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This idea that women in particular should expect pain from sex is a pervasive, dangerous myth with deep patriarchal roots, according to Dr. Ditza Katz, PT, Ph. We spoke with several of their patients, some of whose stories are included below. Katz tells HelloGiggles. These various culturally constructed narratives have mostly faded thanks to feminism and the sexual revolution, but some of those toxic messages still linger even today—including the idea that women should expect sex to hurt. Most women we spoke with mentioned still feeling some of these pressures.

As both specialists point out, the fact that so many women still suffer through abnormal sexual pain today is largely because the medical establishment has invested little to no resources into researching female sexual dysfunction, developing effective treatments, training healthcare professionals to diagnose itor educating the public to bring up this type of pain to their doctors.

The physical symptoms aside, pain experienced during sex can be particularly stressful for those involved in relationships. When sex becomes a source of pain and tension rather than connection and pleasure, that emotional stress can weigh heavily on both partners.

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We spoke with seven couples about their experiences dealing with pain from intercourse. Their specific conditions varied.

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Some of the partners experiencing the physical pain were able to find treatments, surgery, or other therapeutic methods that finally made the pain stop; others are still dealing with their symptoms while experimenting with different treatments and finding other ways to stay intimate with their partners. There were also some troubling stories of pressure, traumatization, and fear. We had both made the decision to remain virgins until we were married. We looked forward to our wedding night with excitement and happiness.

We had no idea the frustration and sadness it would bring us. It took us four and a half years to be able to have penetrative [vaginal] sex. In the beginning, we chalked it up to just nerves and the stress of the wedding, but as the weeks went on, we realized something was majorly wrong. Anytime we tried to have [penetrative vaginal] sex, it was like hitting a brick wall. My husband was unable to penetrate because my pelvic floor would tighten and not allow entrance. Soon the stress of trying unsuccessfully to have sex created fear for me.

We Beautiful couple ready sex WA numerous doctors and [I] was told several times that I just needed to relax. They suggested drinking a glass of wine and taking a hot bath. We saw a sex therapist who suggested sleeping naked and bathing each other in the shower to create more intimacy.

I was frustrated at every turn. We finally confided in our families the struggles we had and my brother-in-law, who was in medical school at the time, told us about a condition he had just studied about called vaginismus.

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We looked it up, and it was exactly what I had been dealing with. This condition can easily break a marriage apart and alienate partners. It is a struggle for the woman, but is also a struggle for her partner. My husband was incredibly patient and supportive.

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He hated to see me suffer and fear him. Thankfully, we were able to remain close during those early years.

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I had a difficult time allowing him to look [at] or touch my vagina, but enjoyed dry sex, or outercourse. Being able to enjoy each other in these ways helped our marriage stay intimate and allowed us to feel close to one another. The depression that accompanies vaginismus was difficult for me.

My self-esteem and confidence plummeted. There were times when I begged him to leave me so he could have a full life. He felt like a failure as a husband and struggled with not feeling like he had anyone to talk to.

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With time and care, they were able to cure me! Since then, we have enjoyed a healthy sex life.

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We have two children that I was able to carry and deliver vaginally. I kept attempting to have intercourse with my boyfriend, but we were never successful. We relied on oral sex for most of our relationship…My then BF now husband and I actually had an amazing sex life.

Fear of intimacy

We were both very satisfied with oral sex and were able to keep that spark alive until way after we were married. We only started to really address it once my biological clock started ticking loudly, and we were both wanting children. My husband was always very supportive and never put any blame on me—he was sexually satisfied. He really only started getting a bit more anxious when he was ready to have children.

The amount of patience he had while we were dealing with this was simply amazing. We really have communicated very well from the beginning. He was very supportive emotionally as my hope was starting to dwindle. I have both interstitial cystitis and endometriosis…When we first started dating, my husband and I used to have sex several times a day.

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As my condition got worse, though, we stopped because it was beginning to hurt. We used to be able to do any position imaginable in any place imaginable! There used to be a lot of passion, but right before our wedding, I was in the worst pain of my life. We ended up fighting a lot, until one day I just broke down in his arms and explained to him exactly how I felt. I told him every tiny thing and why I did the things that I did. We kiss a lot. I think that helps me feel closer to him…I need that connection no matter what.

When sex was easier for us, it was easier to be super passionate, but now we have to try a little bit harder to give each other what the other needs. The OhNut, as I mentioned earlier, has really helped.

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I usually cook dinner dressed up, and that gets things started. My husband is a very sexual person, so I tried my best to fulfill his needs, but sometimes the pain was unbearable. This resulted in my insecurities as a wife and a woman…During sex, it would feel like a raw, burning feeling. After sex, I would be in pain for hours. The best way I can describe the pain is acid being poured over a thousand tiny cuts. It would take hours for the pain to go away, and I usually would be in tears. I wanted to have sex with him, but the thought of what I had to go through afterwards completely turned me off.

I ended up in a constant feedback loop of physical pain and emotional and psychological trauma. I never initiated sex, although I wanted to, for fear of the pain. I found myself not wanting to have sex for the pain became too unbearable. Physically, emotionally, and psychologically, I was exhausted. We still have sex.

I take them every Beautiful couple ready sex WA. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain has gone from a to a 3. My husband loves me regardless and has vowed to stay by my side as I try to navigate this debilitating condition. For me, not only have I struggled with the physical pain but the emotional attachment to it as well. I have become insecure and unsure of myself and my capabilities to not only pleasure my husband but also myself. Sex, the thought of, the act, it used to give me extreme anxiety.

For my husband, it has been frustrating. We talk about vulvodynia often. I try to find different ways to explain my pain and how I feel. He supports me in all of my efforts to seek relief. Sometimes even that can be too much for me.

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For me, lots of lubrications and foreplay [are helpful]. I need time to warm up. Oral sex helps. EFT tapping has helped me release the emotional attachments to my pain which has helped me tremendously…Self-care is a big one for me because I need to be mentally clear to enjoy sex.

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Stress can hinder so many aspects of our lives. It was very depressing because prior to all the pain [from vulvar vestibulitis], we were very sexual, so it really messed up a lot of our connection, not being able to have sex.

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Also, around the two-year mark, we wanted to have another baby, and I was afraid that with all the things I was trying, the pain may get worse so we decided to try and get pregnant sooner [rather] than later to get it over with.

Emotionally as a woman I felt less than. He was conservative, so hearing that made him feel very sad for us. We did some communicating and trying to figure out what to do, but we were clueless. My identity was all about sexuality, and to not have that was so damaging.

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